R & D Projects

Development of bacterial preparations with soil ameliorating properties.

Isolation and examination of nitrogen-fixing bacterial strains.

Examination of bacterial strains producing indole acetic acid (IAA) and other plant growth promoting substances.

Developing cold-resistant nitrogen-fixing and IAA-producing bacterial strains.

Studies on proliferation dynamics in soil.

Development of stress-tolerant (salt, pH) soilborne microorganisms.

Isolation and identification of enthomopathogenic Xeno-and Photorhabdus and Serratiastrains.

Isolation and development of microbial strains with fungicide and soil disinfectant properties.

Research of enthomopathogenic toxin technologies.

Development of phosphate-mobilizing, siderophore and polisaccharide-producing soilborne microorganisms.

Development of cellulose-degrading soil bacterial preparations.

Development of hydrocarbon-degrading bacterial preparations.

Conducting and evaluating greenhouse trials.

Conducting and evaluating large scale field trials.

Development of liquid preparations of bacterial and fungal origin produced via fermentation.

Solid state fermentation studies.

Development of solid state (powder and granulate) bacterial and fungal preparations.

Development of liofilized bacterial and fungal preparations.

Fermentation, purification, production of primycin.

Enzyme research: isolation and development of cellulase producing soilborne bacterial and fungal strains.

Research on bacterial exo-polisaccharides.

Production and quality control of the BioFil soil inoculating product line.

Production and quality control of the BioFil Post Harvest product line.